Description: This verdant jungle-world would be more settled, save for the incredibly hostile natural life. Between rapidly spreading carnivorous plants, seasonally rampaging beasts, and hyper-aggressive fish — only a few distinct types visit Aketi: researchers, poachers, and criminals hiding from the law. The planet is labeled a Malklaith "nature preserve".

Scene: Heavily armed guards patrolling the tall, metallic walls of Base Camp One, watching the jungle for signs of fauna. Research crews packing for their next expedition in uneasy truce with the poachers doing the same across the quad. A smuggler, openly discussing arrangements with a prospective client in a tent while a private barista makes them drinks.

Wealth: 0

Crime/Syndicate: 3

Tech: 1

Weird: 1


Resources Development Administration Procyon Hegemony Colony 13 (RDA PHC 13) locally known as Hell's Gate.


Scum and Villainy in the Procyon Sector Darl_Loh