Scum and Villainy in the Procyon Sector

Dash's Diary Entry 003

Of all the shit luck...

Alright, got three doubles of that Amerath scotch in me. I'm ready to keep going with this mask job. Although I can't remember where the hell I left off. Something to do with an alarm going off. Sadly, that rings too many bells. I remember now, though.

We caught a break, and were off towards the mansion. All the local security was high tailing it towards the maintenance tunnel. No one looked at us twice with our proper security garb, all thanks to Doogie. He'd convinced a friend of his to let us borrow some outfits from her dad's dry cleaner business. She must think we had the lamest costumes ever for our Halloween party. Anyway, even if we did get stopped in our official garb, Gaius had the fake IDs ready to go. double whammy.

The mansion was more like a fancy bunker. Walls all around, security cameras everywhere. We needed those out of commission. We needed a power outage. Gaius logged into the nearest community terminal using the access codes for our IDs and found a security station a hundred meters away. We walked right up to it, finding two slick customers on duty. One bloke stared at the terminal screen while the other eyeballed the street. We gave him the friendly wave and started a conversation about the craziness happening on the other side of Chiba. Gaius pulled out his PD and went to step around the side and fake a call. In reality, he meant to rig up the power switch to blow in a few minutes.

Well, low and behold, the prick on the terminal was none other than the foudning member of the prick posse who opened fire on us at the gate on our initial insertion. The gung ho son of a bitch recognized us immediately. Though I don't think he believed it at first. It was enough for me to rush him. All I remember as I plugged him with stun rounds was Doogie screaming something about "He was fucking his wife!". I have no idea what that was about, but a gun went off, and shot a clean hole through the roof of the station. I spun around to find the other guy pinned by Gaius while Doogie shoved a syringe into his neck. The guards were down, but more were on the way.

We spotted a trio up the street, heading our way. Gaius and I jumped on that circuit, and killed the lights. Gaius got a nasty shook in the process. I hope he leaves the ship on autopilot for a while when landing. Don't need a sudden twitch.

The lights went out, but the guards had a bead on us. Hoping to distract them, I spared my trick cards across the street, hoping their sheen would catch our pursuers eyes. It didn't do shit, save for wasting time for our escape.

We high-tailed it into the alley as the lights of a security drone appeared overhead. Crap, that was fast. These rich folk don't mess around. Gaius sent pebbles up top, hoping to lead the drone away. It worked, a little too well. Let's just say, Pebbles isn't going to be happy when he is reassembled and booted up.

The distraction worked well enough, and we made it back to the mansion. With the power out, we stood out in the open though complete cloaked in the darkness. Gaius rigged up a false keycard, and the damn thing ended up with admin access for the whole compound. Bet they'll regret cheaping out with the generic door hardware.

This is where it got messy. This is where I might've made a really bad decision. Only time will tell. One of the Nightspeaker Acolytes stood in front of the main entrance. Clad in that black armor, looking like death itself. I'd seen what one of those pikes he held could do to a man. He sure as hell wasn't doing that to any of us. So killed the man. I put one between his eyes, and no one heard a thing. All thanks to Betsy.

On a side note, I thought two cred for Betsy was spaceway robbery. I mean, it's just a silencer. Or so I thought. I couldn't believe how quiet my shot was. The sound of the Acolytes helmet hitting the ground was louder. I have to find the person who made it. There are a true master at their craft.

So, back to my horrible decision. True, the only good Nightspeaker is a dead Nightspeaker. But you sure as hell don't want them on your bad side. If they find out I did it, I'll forever be on their list. It's not a good place to be.

Things were looking great. That's when another security drone began to loiter overhead…




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