Scum and Villainy in the Procyon Sector

Dash's Diary Entry 001

Is it still an ambush if you fuck it up?

If you're reading this, and you're a member of the Colbalt Syndicate kill team that was sent to cargo hold XD-140 on Warren to kill me, Dash of course, Gaius, and Doc, then I have two words for you.

Thank you.

It's not everyday that you thank someone that tried to kill you. But then again, it's not everyday these same people also saved your life.

Surely it was your team that messed up the ambush. Those Malklaith guys on the other kill team were pros. They would've killed us and taken the package no problem. Did you see what they were packing? I'm sure you did, and may have ended up on the business end of one of those heavy repeaters. But that was a real dumb move jumping the trigger too early. You blew the ambush, and didn't even take out any of the other guys. Real sloppy.

As for me, this wasn't the first time some group tried to kill me. But two groups, at the same time, in the same room, that was a first.

Why were we there in the first place? Well, obviously package delivery is one of our crew specialties. The money from Janus was good, great even. That wasn't what tipped me off that something sinister was afoot. I ignored the signs. What were those, you might ask? I'm not revealing my tricks to you here, just in case I'm still alive.

Once shots were fired, it was a mad dash to get the hell out of there. Pretty sure Gaius saved my ass a few times, and Doc too. Got my armor all shot up along the way. We managed to knock down a Malklaith or two, and put down a couple of Cobalt guys for sure.

I know Gaius likes to fly by the seat of his pants (ha ha ha see what I did there), but maybe now he'll appreciate my planning of a backup route for our deliveries.

So of course Gov Malklaith locks the place down, and the Cobalt guys sniffing around for us. Luckily I've got a friend <blank> who works in <blank>. What, like I'd tell you here? We get out ship moved just in the nick of time and remain on the down low for the time being. The Cobalt dimwits cruising the hanger bay left, but I heard a little later on through some back channel chatter that they remember me and Doc, and are extra motivated to beat our ass.

After a nice gunfight, there's nothing like a cold beer. Or five. Gaius took charge of that, and left us only marginally hungover as we contemplated our next move.

Well, this package has caused enough problems. Time to ditch it. Gaius's man-crush Choss has set us up at the swoop track for a drop. We're taking half the payment up front. Almost having your head blown off allows for some negotiating leverage. Once they confirm the package, Janus will drop the other half into a track account. Anonymous, untraceable, perfect.

Now if only everything worked out as planned.





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