Scum and Villainy in the Procyon Sector

Aleph Key Returns

“Alright my squishy compatriots, sit your asses down,” PIM-Phive’s strangely expressive monotone echoed through the Stardancer’s cargo hold. He gave a clucking beep as Will Corn bumped into his projector table on his way to sit. The table wobbled, and the janky projector flickered as it slid towards the table’s edge. Phive caught it in one hand. His other limb extended towards the floor. A screw appeared at the tip of his middle finger. The finger whirred as it rotated to drive the screw through the table leg, pinning it to the floor. PI-M5’s jury-rig left the table tilted.

Doogie peered up from his tablet. He pointed at the canted screen projected on the cargo hold’s wall and cocked an eyebrow. Phive raised his hand and extended his middle finger. Another screw appeared on its tip. The finger began to rotate, nice and slow. The crew laughed. Doogie rolled his eyes and went back to flipping pages on his tablet. His eyes zipped across each page, absorbing the information at a lightning pace.

Phive looked around. He said, “Sir.” Always with the titles. Always sarcastic. “Where might…”

“Right here.” Dash swept in. He strode up, grabbed the last remaining chair, spun it around so its back faced the robotic briefer and sat. “Lay some knowledge on me. Make it quick and make it clear.” 

PIM-Phive replied, “As you will, Sir. After all, you were there, so this should be…”

“I said quick, not drawn out and sarcastic.”

PI-M5 nodded and started, “Our crew recently earned the trust of one Pasha Lensarr.” Doogie and Dash glanced sideways at each other. “He is the head of the Ashen Knives on Indri, in the Iota system. He has hired us to help him steal from our old friends, the Janus Syndicate. If you remember, last time we were on Warren, we sold the Aleph Key to the Janus Syndicate. According to Lensarr, the key is both map and key. It shows the locations of Precursor weapon caches located throughout the sector. One of them is located on Aketi. Aketi is a jungle planet. It is largely uninhabited due to the incredibly hostile flora and fauna. There is a single, settlement, Base Camp One. The locals call it ‘Hell’s Gate.’ Pasha has hired elements from the Lost Legion to help him ambush the Janus Syndicate at the Precursor cache site. Once he captures the cache, he plans to give over some portion of it to the Lost Legion as payment. The rest, he will take for the Ashen Knives. He plans to take some portion of it and set it up at a hidden pick-up site. From there, we grab the weapons and smuggle them to Pasha Qu’olin on Warren. Any questions?”



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