Scum and Villainy in the Procyon Sector

A new job...Nightspeakers...great.

Dash said, Message incoming. He sat in the co-pilot’s chair next to Gaius. 

The pilot reached for the intercom, and grunted in pain. He said, You hit it. 

Dash hit the intercom. A download bar flashed onto the computer screen as the message downloaded. He said, Huh. Its from Mila.

Gains smiled, Elbows? We haven’t heard from her in a while. Not since she pulled that scam about getting us the cloud drives. They both chuckled.

Doogie walked in and said, What’s so funny?

Dash replied, Elbows just sent us a message. Without waiting for a reply he opened it. 

A green, holographic head shimmered into view. Hey there boys.  A grating mechanical undertone almost ruined her voice’s boisterous lilt. Her pleasant, but coarse features spread into a wide smile. It was infectious and the whole crew smiled along with her. Got a prop-O-ziz-shun…a job… She held up a greasy hand and snapped her fingers, …for ya. Mila paused for effect. A devilish twinkle lit her eyes. Its a good one too. I mean, it pays good. Its for ‘The Banshee” herself. You guys take care of this, and you will be well into her good graces. She actually gave it to m’captain…Thorn. But, things are too hot on Warren right now for a bunch o’ branded pirates to be traipsing around there. The Banshee wants a Nightspeaker mask. A Nightspeaker is down on Warren right now. Name’s Temujin. He’s apprentice to Oin-rai, but not nearly as dang’rous as that fucker. Still though, he is a Nightspeaker. Rumor is, this Temujin’s a fan of fighting pits. Likes to participate himself. When he fights, he leaves his mask home. I’m not sure why, but, that’s the rumor. I don’t know much more, but a mutual friend of ours might. Dash, look Ora up. She was the one feeding me the info. Get that mask, and you will get a hell of a payday. Thorn will take a small finder’s fee, but the rest is yours.



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